Neue School

Neue School is a modern sans serif font designed to maximize the available space and make impactful headlines. and poster use. Inspired by narrow old school poster fonts, presented in a "neue" way. Extra tight tracking, optimal for poster use and other tight surfaces. 8 weights, 2 widths, plus italics. Symbols are fixed weight throughout, as a contrast to the font weight.

Neue School Font

Desktop License (1-5 Computers)

Technical Specification

Family name: Neue School
Sub families: Hairline, Slim, Light, Regular, Medium, SemiBold, Bold, Thick, Narrow Hairline, Narrow Slim, Narrow Light, Narrow Regular, Narrow Medium, Narrow SemiBold, Narrow Bold, Narrow Thick
Format: OpenType OTF
Widths: 2
Font Styles: 8
Version: Version 1.002
Glyph count: 806
File size: 169644
OT Features: aalt abvm case ccmp dnom frac kern liga locl ordn sinf subs sups
Supported Languages: Western Europe, Central/Eastern Europe, Baltic, Turkish


The license of all Font Software sold directly through this website is a Commercial Desktop License for installation on up to five (5) units. For any other licensed uses such as web, app and server – please follow the buying alternatives from the Resellers. See full EULA here.


The trial version is available below. It may only be used for testing and evaluation purposes. The trial version cannot be used for any Published Work or Commercial Use. The trial version is also missing key features such as extended alphabet, OpenType features, kerning and more. See full Trial EULA here.

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