BROKSTAD is a virtual design studio and collaboration initiative, free from the boundaries of physical space – working across the timezones. Founded by Daniel Brokstad as a concept studio and collaborative playground for design through experimentation, exploration, freedom & a healthy dose of randomness.

Established in 2020 as a new concept studio with a working style for the modern age. Available world wide, not limited to physical borders. Working together with talented artists and designers when needed to stay flexible to the scope of project, and with the ability to expand on services. Breaking the rules is part of the game.

– Where are you located anyway?

On earth – just like you. Which means we have great possibilities of working or collaborating together.

With the convenience of internet connecting us all together as a massive hive, it all matters less and less where exactly we find ourselves at the moment. We are not restricted by any artificial boundaries or borders. The world is more global now than ever.

– What do you mean by “scaling”?

The design team / studio scales based on demand, and which professions are needed.

In other words, the team itself will consist of one or more individuals depending on the scope of the project, and which disciplinaries are needed. Designers are hired on freelance basis for the projects. This way we can adapt the right team for the right job. 

– What exactly do you do?

Graphic Design / Branding / Graphic Design / Branding / 

Typography / Illusttrative Lettering / Typography / Illusttrative Lettering / 
Artwork / Illustration / Visual Arts / Artwork / Illustration / Visual Arts / 
Exhibition / Creative Direction / Art Direction / Exhibition / Creative Direction / Art Direction / 

Animation / Motion Graphics / 3D Artwork / Animation / Motion Graphics / 3D Artwork / 

Web / Social Media / Campaigns / Web / Social Media / Campaigns / 

– How can I work with you?

Contact us and we’ll take it from there. Always excited for new opportunities and interesting challenges from daring clients.

A conversation is just a message or call away. We are not restricted by any artificial boundaries or borders. Looking forward to creating awesome work together. The world is more global now than ever.

– Collaborate?

Currently we’re not actively looking for new freelancers to work with.

However, you can send message with a short intro, link to your portfolio and your daily rate for possible future collaborations.

A virtual design studio.

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