BROKSTAD is a design studio and collaboration initiative. Founded by Daniel Brokstad in 2020 as a collaborative playground for design through experimentation, exploration & a healthy dose of randomness.

The studio is flexible and ever evolving. Scaling to the project on hand and working together with talented artists and designers. Available world wide, not limited to physical boundaries and borders. Breaking the rules is part of the game.

– Where are you located?

On earth – just like you. Which means we have great opportunity to work together.

New York, Bangkok, Seoul, Oslo, and anywhere else. We work with clients and designers across the world and are all connected through the web. The world is more global now than ever. 

Design Services:

Graphic Design / Branding / Graphic Design / Branding / 

Typography / Illusttrative Lettering / Typography / Illusttrative Lettering / 
Artwork / Illustration / Visual Arts / Artwork / Illustration / Visual Arts / 
Exhibition / Creative Direction / Art Direction / Exhibition / Creative Direction / Art Direction / 

Animation / Motion Graphics / 3D Artwork / Animation / Motion Graphics / 3D Artwork / 

Web / Social Media / Campaigns / Web / Social Media / Campaigns / 

– How can we work with you?

Contact us and we’ll take it from there. Always excited for new opportunities and interesting challenges from daring clients.

A conversation is just a message or call away. Looking forward to creating awesome work together. 

A virtual design studio.

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